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Taxpayer Bill of Rights Needed Now More than Ever

Read the full report | The dramatic disparity between the growth in private versus public sector employment in Maine illustrates the need for the Taxpayer Bill of Rights provision which will be on the November ballot. Consider these facts: • […]

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LD 1495: Frankenstein Tax Reform

Read the full report | Since LD 1495, which replaced LD 1088, became the law of the land, everyone from the Governor on down has been crowing

LD 1088: The Illusion of Tax Reform

Read the full report | LD 1088 (An Act to Modernize the Tax Laws and Provide over $75,000,000 to Residents of the State in Tax Relief) purports

Questions and Answers on the Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Read the full report | Q: What is the Taxpayer Bill of Rights? A: The Taxpayer Bill of Rights will set speed limits on the growth in state

Maine’s Automobile Excise Tax Hurts the Poor and Elderly

Read the full report | It is interesting to note that twenty-two states and the District of Columbia do not assess any Automobile Excise Tax, that Maine’s

220 Million Reasons Why the Taxpayer Bill of Rights Helps Maine’s Beleaguered Taxpayers

Read the full report | On November 7, 2006, the citizens of Maine voted for a Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR). Unfortunately, the initiative failed, but only by

Is Maine’s Public University System Meeting Needs of the Private Sector?

Read the full report | According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Maine state government spent $715,163,000 on higher education in FY 2006—$544 for every man, women and child in

Maine’s State Workforce is Too Big and Overpaid . . . But Where?

Read the full report | 2006 research by The Maine Heritage Policy Center, using data from the U. S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA),

Maine Spends Too Much… But Where?

Read the full report | The next state budget has not been submitted yet, but the debates about a gap of at least $500 million between tax

Maine’s Dwindling Private Sector Economy

Read the full report | Personal income is an important economic measure of a state’s well-being. Higher levels of personal income mean that a state’s residents are