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Maine Demographic Winter

The Fiscal Costs of Maine’s “Demographic Winter”

Countries such as Japan and Russia are already facing annual declines in population, a trend that Demographers have labeled this “Demographic Winter.”[1]  A shrinking population will create formidable headwinds for these countries in terms of generating sustainable economic growth in […]

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MHPC: Don’t Expand Maine’s Medicaid Under Obamacare

Expanded Medicaid enrollment increases private insurance rates, burdens taxpayers without reducing number of uninsured PORTLAND - The Maine Heritage Policy Center today released a report saying that Maine should

Maine Demographic Winter

Portland Luncheon – August 16: “Fiscal Impacts of Demographic Winter”


Friedman (1)

Friedman Legacy Luncheon Event – July 31, 2012

the spirit of Milton Friedman, we invite you to a luncheon celebrating freedom and education.

J. Scott Moody

J. Scott Moody To Lead The Maine Heritage Policy Center

The Maine Heritage Policy Center announced today that J. Scott Moody has been named chief executive officer of MHPC. Moody, currently MHPC’s chief economist, will be moving to


Friedman Legacy Luncheon Event – July 31, 2012

In the spirit of Milton Friedman, we invite you to a


PORTLAND: Luncheon/Book Signing Event – “Left Turn” with Author Tim Groseclose

 Please Join Us For An MHPC Book Signing Event

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Maine Loses People and Their Income to States with No Personal Income Tax

In FY 2009, Maine had the 6th highest tax burden, as a percent of private sector personal income, in the country.[1] The single largest source of Maine’s tax


The Case for Right-to-Work in Maine: Examining the Evidence in Oklahoma

As Maine’s economy struggles to put the “Great Recession” behind it, the quest to find public policies that will aid the economy becomes more urgent. The single most


Study Shows Maine is Severely Lacking in Broadband Depth

Increased broadband infrastructure would add a significant number of jobs to the economy

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A new study