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Maine Medicaid Investigation

Shocking Video Reveals Vulnerability to Fraud within Maine’s Welfare System

DHHS Worker: “If you don’t have proof of income, then you have no income” An outside investigation into Maine’s Medicaid system reveals a shocking potential for fraud within Maine’s vast welfare bureaucracy, and it’s all on video.  Yet policy reforms […]

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Health Insurance Reform Will Undo Decades of Premium-Hiking Policies

A new study released today by The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC) explains how policies enacted in the early 1990's have driven Maine's insurance premiums higher and higher,

Governor Paul LePage signs LD 1333, landmark health insurance reform, into law

Historical Perspective: Why LD 1333 – Maine’s New Health Insurance Reform?

On May 17, 2011, Governor Paul LePage signed into law a major health reform package to help contain the spiraling cost of health insurance for all Mainers.  Before

Maine Health Reform LD 1333 Obamacare

Replacing Big Government Health Care with Patient-Centered Reform

Maine's past and present free market health policy experts partnered with the national Heritage Foundation to publish a report that serves as a guide for other states that

Joel Allumbaugh

Meet Our New Health Care Policy Director – Joel Allumbaugh

The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC) is proud to announce the selection of Joel Allumbaugh of Gardiner as the new director of MHPC's Center for Health Reform

Portland Luncheon – “Maine’s Historic Health Reform: A National Model to Increase Choice and Lower Costs “

The Maine Heritage Policy Center

Bangor Event – “Maine’s Historic Health Reform: A National Model to Increase Choice and Lower Costs “

The Maine Heritage Policy Center

RELEASE: Think Tank Comments on Federal Judge’s Ruling that ObamaCare is Unconstitutional

Below is a statement by Tarren Bragdon, Chief Executive Officer of The Maine Heritage Policy Center, on federal Judge Roger Vinson's decision today that the Individual Mandate,


The Case Against ObamaCare

In March 2010, nearly half the states’ attorneys general filed suit against the federal government on behalf of their respective states[1] to block key provisions of the

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Portland Event – “ObamaCare: How Maine Can Fight Back”

"ObamaCare: How Maine Can Fight Back"

Ms. Christie Herrera Director, Health and Human Services Task Force American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)