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The Free ME Initiative

Free ME is a bold initiative that will free Maine. It is a realistic strategy for spurring economic development statewide. Maine has the opportunity to become America’s premier destination for economic freedom and growth. Overall, Free ME is not a new concept. Free ME simply […]

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Obamacare Update: Employers Gain Ground

Employers experienced an important victory this week in the fight against Obamacare. The Obama administration announced that the employer requirement to offer health insurance that meets


Crisis to Cure: Maine’s Health Care Reform Law is Helping Business

Opponents of Maine’s new health care reform law (PL90) erroneously describe the law as “a gift to the insurance companies.”[1]  In reality that gift


Case Study #1: Maine business would pay $30,000 more a year under Obamacare

Paying Obamacare penalties would be less expensive than providing health insurance A case study from a real business in Maine, a commercial concrete business serving the construction industry,


RELEASE: “Renewable energy” law forces higher electricity rates, job losses

“Renewable energy" mandate will raise electricity prices by $145 million, cost Maine 1,000 jobs RPS law burdens households, harms Maine's economy  Maine’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) legislation, which requires that


MHPC: Don’t Expand Maine’s Medicaid Under Obamacare

Expanded Medicaid enrollment increases private insurance rates, burdens taxpayers without reducing number of uninsured PORTLAND - The Maine Heritage Policy Center today released a report saying that Maine should

J. Scott Moody

J. Scott Moody To Lead The Maine Heritage Policy Center

The Maine Heritage Policy Center announced today that J. Scott Moody has been named chief executive officer of MHPC. Moody, currently MHPC’s chief economist, will be moving to


RELEASE: Report Shows Mainers Flee to States with No Personal Income Tax

The Maine Heritage Policy Center has released a study that shows over 11,000 Mainers have fled to states with no income tax, and they took hundreds of millions of


Study Shows Maine’s “Rich” are Working Couples, Small Business Owners

Families and Entrepreneurs make up top earners, income tax hits them hardest A report released today by the Maine Heritage Policy Center shows that Maine’s high-earning individuals are working

MHPC Luncheon Presentation: February 16, 2012

Chris O'neal presented at the MHPC Luncheon in Portland today. Below is his presentation: RPSPresentationMHPC