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Release: Report Shows Maine Workers Moving to “Right-to-Work” States with Stronger Economies

24,338 Mainers, representing $800 million in income, fled to “Right-to-Work” states from 2003 – 2008 A study released today finds that allowing workers to decide whether or not to join a union can be great for a state’s economy. The report […]

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Release: Report Shows Raising Taxes to Address DHHS Deficit Would Cost Maine 6,400 Jobs

  A report released today by The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC) shows that raising taxes to address the estimated $121 million dollar DHHS budget gap for this


Maine State Housing Authority Payroll Data Added to

Data shows 30% increase in total payroll cost in just five years Today, has been updated and expanded to show five years of salary and benefits data for


Study Shows Maine is Severely Lacking in Broadband Depth

Increased broadband infrastructure would add a significant number of jobs to the economy

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A new study

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Report Shows Maine Voting System Inadequate to Support Election Day Registration

“Honor System” is not a reasonable way to manage 972,000 registrations

The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC) released a report today showing that steps must


University of Maine Payroll and Spending Data Updated on

Increased broadband infrastructure would add a significant number of jobs to the economy

Today, has been updated and expanded to show eight years of salary,

Analysis Debunks Study of Voter ID, Disenfranchisement

Recent Study by Left-Wing Think Tank Based on Dubious Numbers, Questionable Methodology

A recent study touted by the Yes on 1 campaign that claims repeal of


Poll Shows Majority Support for Ending Same-Day Voter Registration, Requiring Photo ID

Most Believe Protecting Against Fraud More Important Than Increasing Turnout.

A decision by the Legislature to end the practice of same-day voter registration in Maine has


Think Tank Grades DHHS Intake Employee, Process Revealed in Second Undercover Video

The Maine Heritage Policy Center (MHPC) has extensively reviewed the latest undercover video of an intake coordinator at Maine's Department of Health and Human Services Portland office, released

Maine Medicaid Investigation

Shocking Video Reveals Vulnerability to Fraud within Maine’s Welfare System

DHHS Worker: “If you don’t have proof of income, then you have no income”

An outside investigation into Maine’s Medicaid system reveals a shocking potential for fraud within Maine’s