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Updated “Fix the System” Report Shows Continued Welfare Dependency in Maine

Welfare system improved by recent reforms, but more must be done to control welfare dependence An update of The Maine Heritage Policy Center’s “Fix the System” report on Maine’s welfare system shows that while recent reforms by the LePage administration […]

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Maine Demographic Winter

The Fiscal Costs of Maine’s “Demographic Winter”

Countries such as Japan and Russia are already facing annual declines in population, a trend that Demographers have labeled this “Demographic Winter.”[1]  A shrinking population will create formidable

Bangor Luncheon: “Fiscal Impacts of Demographic Winter”


Maine Demographic Winter

Portland Luncheon – August 16: “Fiscal Impacts of Demographic Winter”



RELEASE: Report Shows Mainers Flee to States with No Personal Income Tax

The Maine Heritage Policy Center has released a study that shows over 11,000 Mainers have fled to states with no income tax, and they took hundreds of millions of


Maine Loses People and Their Income to States with No Personal Income Tax

In FY 2009, Maine had the 6th highest tax burden, as a percent of private sector personal income, in the country.[1] The single largest source of Maine’s tax


Who Are Maine’s “Rich?”

Who Are Maine's "Rich?" In these dark economic times, the siren call of “tax the rich” is hurled at policymakers as the solution to Maine’s budget woes. The accusation


Release: Study Shows Maine’s “Rich” are Working Couples, Small Business Owners

Families and Entrepreneurs make up top earners, income tax hits them hardest A report released today by the Maine Heritage Policy Center shows that Maine’s high-earning individuals are working


Higher Taxes? Not with Maine’s High Tax Burden

As Maine’s state government grapples with budget shortfalls in the Department of Health and Human Services budget and a recent lawsuit aimed at rolling-back necessary pension reforms, the

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Release: Report Shows Maine Workers Moving to “Right-to-Work” States with Stronger Economies

24,338 Mainers, representing $800 million in income, fled to “Right-to-Work” states from 2003 - 2008

A study released today finds that allowing workers to decide whether or not to