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2009 Maine Piglet Book

Read the full report | The 2009 Maine Piglet Book is a joint publication of The Maine Heritage Policy Center and Citizens Against Government Waste; both are private, not-for-profit organizations focused on research and education. The 2009 Maine Piglet Book is published […]

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A Series of Unfortunate Events: Maine’s Medicaid program’s skyrocketing costs, higher taxes, underpayment of health providers and perpetual budget shortfalls result in health care rationing.

Read the full report | As Congress and the Obama administration debate reforms for the nation’s health care system, they would do well to study Maine's experience

A Floor or a Ceiling? A Brief History of the Essential Programs and Services Model

Read the full report | In January of this year, Maine’s State Planning Office released its annual “LD1 Progress Report,” which found that Maine’s school districts had demonstrated

Questions and Answers on the Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Read the full report | Q: What is the Taxpayer Bill of Rights? A: The Taxpayer Bill of Rights will set speed limits on the growth in state

Maine’s State Workforce is Too Big and Overpaid . . . But Where?

Read the full report | 2006 research by The Maine Heritage Policy Center, using data from the U. S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA),

Maine Spends Too Much… But Where?

Read the full report | The next state budget has not been submitted yet, but the debates about a gap of at least $500 million between tax

Maine State Government Employment

Read the full report | In the private sector, productivity is defined as the sum of all goods and services produced (as measured by Gross Domestic Product)

Maine’s State and Local Tax Collections: Fiscal Year 2005 Update

Read the full report | Recently, the U.S. Census Bureau released estimates for local tax collections for state fiscal year (FY) 2005. The FY 2005 state and

How Local Government Can Thrive with Spending Limits

Read the full report | Local and state government can benefit greatly from spending limits that put into place reasonable allowances on the growth of government. Opponents

Beyond the Supplemental Budget: What About State Debt, Per Capita Tax Burden, Future Reserves, and the Structural Gap?

Read the full report | Once again the legislature is busy spending the “surplus” that arrives miraculously each year sometime after Christmas, but before the sap flows